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"Reflections in Terror"
Original Airdate:  December 21, 1984
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Plot Summary -  Diana uses a stolen blood sample from Elizabeth to clone another 'Starchild', who escapes from the Legation.  Ham's past is revealed, while Nathan finally confronts Julie about her affiliation with the Resistance.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - The Freedom Network Medal of Valour is awarded to Marilyn McGeorge of Biloxi, Mississippi, who rammed and sank a Visitor patrol boat with her husband's boat.

Bloopers and Nitpicks -

Memorable Moments -  
Diana:  Jane Badler
Lydia: June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell: Jennifer Cooke
Willie:  Robert Englund
Juliet Parrish: Faye Grant
Ham Tyler: Michael Ironside
Mike Donovan:  Marc Singer
Nathan Bates:  Lane Smith
Robin Maxwell:  Blair Tefkin
Elias Taylor:  Michael Wright
Kyle Bates:  Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars
Mr. Chiang:  Aki Aleong
Elizabeth clone as child:  Jenny Beck
Chris:  Mickey Jones
Howard K. Smith: Howard K. Smith
Additional Guest Stars:
Ken Houlihan, Robert Rothwell, Connie Sawyer, Charles Walker, Debbie Armani, Jim Boelsen, Tom Lowell
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer:  Robert Singer
Supervising Producer:  Garner Simmons
Producer: Skip Ward
Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Writer:  Chris Manheim
Director:  Kevin Hooks

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